Our Certifications

Certified Builders Association of New Zealand

A Certified Builder is totally committed to quality and craftsmanship. To start with all Certified Builders begin their careers by obtaining a professional trade qualification, learning the right way, the first time from a trade qualified craftsman. We believe a house isn't a home unless it reflects your personality and embraces your lifestyle, and can carefully guide you through where to invest to maximize the value of your property.

Licensed Building Practitioners Cambridge

Licensed building practitioners (LBPs) like those at Cambridge Building Services have undergone a robust application process, including a written application, verbal testing by proficient assessors, and referees’ confirmation of their work. They keep up with the changing industry and undergo continuous skills maintenance to ensure that their knowledge of their trade stays current in order to retain their licence.


Why Choose Us

Commited to Maintaining Excellent Relationships

Our experienced team of specialist professionals work seamlessly to deliver your home through design, consent, and construction. We will support you through the concept process, working through an estimate, working drawings and engineering through to the build itself. This technique ensures the best quality outcome and will exceed your expectations for your new home and take the stress out of the building process. Cambridge Building Services is an official Friend of St Kilda – Local specialists sought to participate in the design, build and infrastructure of St Kilda Cambridge.

Ease Of Communication

We genuinely care about achieving best outcome for you. We guarantee to talk with you about any matters that may affect the build – however small. We do not make assumptions for you. Our team is helpful and friendly. You are guaranteed access to your site and our team will be happy to show you progress. We will require you to notify us in advance so we can ensure health and safety protocol is followed. When you build with Cambridge Building Services you get a direct relationship with your experienced builder who gives you the best advice when you need it most.

The Best Building Guarantee in the Business

You simply won’t find a better guarantee. The Homefirst 10 Year Builder’s Guarantee includes all of the following features:

  • Cover Loss of deposit
  • Build completion
  • Non-structural defects (up to 2yrs)
  • Structural defects (up to 10yrs)
  • Accommodation, Removal & Storage Allowance
  • Underwritten by a Standard & Poors-rated, Independent Specialist Insurer.

Technical Proficiency – Qualified, Certified and Licensed

We are qualified, registered Certified Builders, totally committed to quality and craftsmanship. Certified Builders have strict criteria for membership, only allowing trade qualified, suitably referenced applicants to join.

We are Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) and have undergone a robust application process, including a written application, verbal testing by proficient assessors, and referees’ confirmation of our work.

No Hidden Extras

Want to protect yourself against nasty surprises during your building project?

We start your project with an agreed fixed price based on your set of plans and a contract for works direct from Certified Builders. We guarantee you’ll get the services and products listed in your agreement. In the event of a change you will be notified in writing and requested to approve before any additional expense is incurred. You are guaranteed the price on the agreement is the price you pay. We can guarantee there will be no dreaded budget blowouts.

To avoid project time delays we give you an accurate date of completion. We can do this because we ensure important points aren’t overlooked during the planning process. In the event of an unexpected delay you will be notified immediately.