There are a few questions that we get asked quite a bit so we thought we’d put together a wee FAQ list… Hopefully we can answer any that you have and perhaps a couple you hadn’t thought of yet!

Where do we start?

The best start is to begin by meeting us! We believe that it pays to get your builder involved early. Simple advice from our experienced and qualified director Jay when making critical decisions like choosing a section, architectural style, plans and building materials can save a lot of hassle later on. It’s free and also means that you don’t miss out on your preferred builder. Don’t worry if you’ve already got a few of those things ticked off- from that initial meeting we will establish if we are best suited to working with you to get your project underway.

What is involved in the building process?

Cambridge Building have created a comprehensive Seven Steps to Success process that outlines how we make building your new home or completing your quality renovation as easy as possible. It demonstrates how smoothly we assist you to work through the selection of your site, house design and building materials, processes of consent, construction milestones before the fittings and furnishings followed by move in time! We take a complex set of tasks and manage them into exciting milestones that are just that, exciting, not stressful!.

How long does the process take?

The time taken to construct your home varies depending on your site and complexity of design. We will go over all of this with you thoroughly before starting and from this develop a detailed timeline that suits your individual situation. Your complete satisfaction is of absolute importance to us so we will revisit this regularly throughout the project and ensure that any modifications are achievable within your guaranteed completion time. If not, we will work in consultation with you to ensure that we have a top quality finish in a time efficient manner agreeable to all parties.

How much will it cost? Do you have a square meter rate?

We are happy to give realistic guidance on what you can expect for your budget. There are a number of variables that will dictate the overall cost of your build and such a range in requirements for each home owner that we have never had the same square meter rate from one property to the next. We will provide you an individualised estimate of your project’s square meter rate after you have had your initial plans drawn up and can give you some good advice on where cost savings can be achieved. Once your plans have been finalised we are able to give you a fixed price contract.

With a fixed price contract, what costs aren’t covered?

When you build with us there are no hidden costs. We provide you with a comprehensive contract that clearly outlines what is included and what is not along with a full set of specifications showing everything that has been allowed for including appliances, light fittings, tapware etc. If there is a rare instance where aspects of your home’s design have not been finalised (e.g. floor coverings) then we will use an agreed realistic ‘provisional cost (PC) sum’ so that we can ensure your budget is protected.

How am I kept involved in the project?

We are passionate about working with people on their building ventures and treat each as if it were our own home! We love to keep owners involved throughout the process with progress photos taken at all milestone moments and shared with you. You are welcome to visit on site at any time (you just need to have given us sufficient notice to ensure site safety). One of our friendly tradesmen will be happy to host you and answer any questions you may have or you can contact director Jay directly at any time by phone or email and he will personally respond to you within 24 hours. You will find Cambridge Building responsive and we guarantee that you will receive exceptional personalised service throughout your project.

Once we have our fixed price, are we able to make changes after we have signed our contract?

Your satisfaction is our primary objective. Completing a large renovation of a property you love or having a long held wish list finally come together in the form of a brand new home is a fantastic time in your life. The last thing we want is for you to feel any regret from product selections, number of power points or even a window added! For that reason we will absorb up to $1000 value of any modifications to your plans after you have signed your fixed price contract. At Cambridge Building, we would rather that you end up with the house you want. Given that per change a usual modification fee is $200, FREE amendments to your plan up to the value of $1000 during your project can come in really handy.